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The concepts I learned in this class that I will be able to use or incorporate in my teaching is first the movie unit project that I made. I learned how to make a movie using different avatars that I made of my students. I showed the movie to my students that I made for this class and I was surprised that they were able to recognize themselves and enjoy the video. I think making a lesson for my kids using video can be a more interesting fun way of learning. Secondly, the audio lesson I made was also a great way of teaching my class. Having an audio recording for story time with young learners is much more interesting for them. Thirdly,, by having a webpage that is more organized and easy to understand was a great concept that helped me communicate better to my students as well as to their parents too. This also served as a paperless way of communication to as currently we use a paper book to communicate and as a way to update the daily activities of the students in preschool.


EDUC 932 has helped me to equip my skills in using modern technology in my class. I enjoyed this class and learned new concepts on using technology better than before. Thank you Professor Steve Katz for taking us to this wonderful journey of E-learning.



2 thoughts on “Blogpost#9 Final Blog

  1. I’m very happy you found this course to be valuable. Keep using the tools and it will get easier. Then you will have time to look for even more new tools. Best of luck!


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