Blogpost #7 Education in Today’s World

Blogpost #7 Education in Today’s World

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Education in Today’s World

Education in today’s world is rapidly evolving. Unlike education in the past where it had the three basic foundational areas, reading, writing and math. Today with the internet, the countless smart phones in the hands of kids as early as preschool. Education is playing a catch up game. Trying to keep up with every new scientific discovery, mathematical system or geographical exploration. The books that were in the past could at least be expected to last five to ten years. However, now books are becoming obsolete within a year if not months. The question of education in today’s world is a difficult one because its hard to nail down where exactly the educational system is and where its going. Of course there are a lot of positive effects that come from the impact of today’ world…technology, availability of smart phones, computers, etc. However, if society, parents and the educational authorities don’t do something fast to put some type of parameters around how technology should be used, incorporate and involve in the educational system. It makes simply disappear. In the past in the USA, there were the basic grammar schools, junior high schools and high schools. Then in the late 80s and early 90s, parents started complaining that the standard school system wasn’t doing its job. So what was known as alternative schools start popping up throughout the USA. Some supported by the educational board of their district and some were not. My husband went to one of these alternative schools and he says it was the best learning experience he ever had…and he has gone to several schools, colleges and universities since then. Soon after they got used to the alternative school idea, then  another new type of school started popping up. These schools were called Chartered schools. Initially they were not supported by the district education board because they were taking government educational dollars away from the standard school system which was already having financial issues. Now with all these none technological events knocking at the already failing educational system. What and how do you think about how all today’s technological advancements will impact today educational system both locally and internationally? There may even come a time when parents elect to keep their kids at home and let the internet educate them. So hello and welcome to the World Wide Web grammar, junior and high School…attendance 10,000,000 and climbing.



blogpost#5 essential reading

blogpost#5 essential reading

9 Essential skills kids should learn

The article that I choose from Beyond laptops essential reading is 9 Essential skills kids should learn by Leo Babauta. Before I express my thoughts about the article let me give you a brief summary of the article. Leo talked about how to prepare our kids for a world that is unpredictable, unknown in the ever changing world we lived in. According to Leo it requires an entirely different approach to child-rearing and education. It means leaving our old ideas at the door, and reinventing everything. Leo and his wife are homeschooling their kids or what they call unschool their children. They want to teach their kids to learn on their own, without handing knowledge down to them and testing them on that knowledge. Part of this experiment, he talked about himself also learning along with his kids. He ALSO talks about what are the nine essential skills kids should learn:

  1. Asking question
  2. Solving problem
  3. Tackling project
  4. Finding passion
  5. Independence
  6. Being happy on their own
  7. Compassion
  8. Tolerance
  9. Dealing with change

I agree with what Leo talks about in the first part of his article that kids in today’s school system are not being well prepared for tomorrow’s world. The reason I say this is because some students in developing countries, particularly in Asia, are not taught to ask questions and most students don’t know how to ask questions. In solving problems, sometimes students struggle a lot because they are not used to doing it on their own. Instead, they often rely on having the teacher solve the problems for them. I liked that Leo includes finding passion and compassion for essential skills that every kids should have. I think it’s very important that children should be taught not only how to value their interest but learn how to love it and how this will make them successful in any field that catches their interests. Teaching kids at a very young age to be independent is really important because this will shows them that they are capable of accomplishing things. Also preparing kids to deal with changes is a very critical part of their learning and development because we never know what holds for them tomorrow and with that said, it reminds me of someone who is close to my heart always telling me that it’s better to be prepare for something because if you are prepared for nothing…then expect nothing to happen. As parent and an educator I will certainly apply this skills to my son to prepare him for the ever changing world we live in.

My Favorite lesson blogpost#4

My Favorite lesson blogpost#4

The favorite lesson I taught to my preschoolers was about Fairy Tales and Stories. It reminds me of my early years listening to my teacher reading us stories.  I liked when I saw my students the excitement in their eyes as I read the stories and showed them pictures from the book. It was a bit challenging though because preschoolers don’t really understand some of the moral lessons from these stories but I believe that with the pictures I showed them they knew what happen and why it happened. The objective of this lesson was for students to be able to explore their imagination and build up their vocabulary. I’m a bit surprised because a week later after I read the story Jack and the Beanstalk to my students, they remember all the things that happen to jack and the magic beans that grew so fast.

I also teach Sunday school classes at my church and one of my favorite lessons I taught was on our theme “Super Heroes” in the bible. We talked about how to be brave and courageous.  One Sunday morning, one of my 4 year old students came up to me and told me that she was not scared of the dark anymore because she was brave like the super heroes in the bible.

Being a teacher is a joy in that you see how your students learn from the lessons you teach and how they apply it to their daily life. Seeing their development is such an encouragement and a great achievement.

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Blog Post#3 My digital footprint

Blog Post#3 My digital footprint

digital footprint

When I Googled my name I was surprised that I shared a name with someone who lives in Texas. I found out that there is not much information about me on the Internet. Recently, I signed up for a LinkedIn and WordPress blog account for my online course to establish information about my digital footprint. On my social media accounts, I’m not really visible because I used different names.

What Steps can you take to sculpt your reputation into one that is more of your liking?

First, I can keep updating my professional information and use the same name for my social media accounts.